Friday, February 25, 2011

Thank You All.

Big Thank you to all who showed up at Kaffibarinn last wednesday at the Biogen Tribute night.
It was without a doubt the best Extreme Chill night we have held.

Kaffibarinn was packed with around 160 people dancing, screaming and really enjoying themselves,
we have never seen anything like this before, you could really sense the incredible atmosphere.
Bjössi would have been so happy with this.

This just shows how strong the electronic scene is right now here in Reykjavík.
We have definitely made our mark on the icelandic music scene and we are just getting warm.

You can see pictures from the night here -
(Photos by : Aðalsteinn Guðmundsson)
(Photos by : Guðmann Þór Bjargmundsson)

Stay tuned for our next night, coming up Wednesday 9.March of course at Kaffibarinn.


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